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Supported Formats and Encodings

You can import and work with the following file extensions and formats in JotterPad:

Line Breaks: JotterPad supports Linux Style Line Breaks. Please open .txt files in NotePad++ in Windows. The standard text editor in Windows does not support Linux Style Line Breaks.

Supported Extensions


Unsupported Extensions


Supported Encodings

By default, JotterPad saves text file in UTF-8 encoding.
JotterPad supports reading (and writing back) of text files in multiple encodings.

Cyrillic Windows 866
Cyrillic ISO 8859-5
Cyrillic KOI 8-R
Cyrillic KOI 8-U
1SO 2022 JP
Japanese (Mac OS)
Japanese (Shift JIS)
Korean (Mac OS)
Korean (EUC)
Simplified Chinese (GB2312)
Simplified Chinese (Mac OS)
Traditional Chinese (Big 5)
Traditional Chinese (Mac OS)
Traditional Chinese (EUC)
Chinese (GBK)
Chinese (GB 18030)

Updated on: 16/06/2022

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