Refunds are given at the app developer’s discretion. Click here to refer to the store’s policy. We follow the Google Play Store policy that states: “unlike paid app purchases, there is no two-hour trial period for in-app purchases”. To avoid confusion, in-app purchases are non-refundable. If you would still like to proceed with a refund, please kindly fill-in the form here.

Exchange of Goods/Transfer of Ownership
We will not accept exchange of purchased item(s) and transfer of ownership.
Example 1: Transferring paid license to another email account.
Example 2: Transferring Creative to Pro Cloud license and vice versa.

General Advice
We treat verbal abuse and threats to our staff seriously. Please remain polite when communicating with the team and do not use vulgarities. The team can refuse to handle cases if customers are demanding and impolite.

These are some common reasons that are not accepted for refund:
User unable to tell the difference between paid and free version. Please refer to the respective store description for more information.
Assuming that one purchase will unlock premium features across all platforms.
Product is not useful after making the purchase.
Accidental purchase.
Items on discount.
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