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Pro Cloud

Pro Cloud unleashes the full potential of JotterPad. With just one Pro Cloud license, you can unlock JotterPad on all platforms and sync your writings across cloud. Pro Cloud also makes producing your writings to novel, screenplay, lecture note, contract, letter, presentation slides quick and simple to achieve. The features are:

Activate app license on Android, iOS, Mac and web
Create and edit text files in iCloud^, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive
Typewriter scrolling
Create and edit Fountain & LaTex (beta) files
Print Markdown to templates in PDF
Print fountain script to PDF
Remove watermark in PDF export
Export to Word (.docx) & Final Draft (.fdx)
Publish to Ghost, Tumblr and Wordpress
Add TeX Equation
Edit YAML in Markdown
Restore documents in version control

Pro Cloud comes in two different plans:


Causal & Creative users: Please upgrade to Pro Cloud to use the Cloud service. (i.e. ^iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive).
^iCloud is only available on iOS and Mac.

FeaturesFreeCreative/ProPro Cloud
Access to mobile, desktop & web app⚠️ (Limited access)⚠️ (Limited access)
Create, open & edit documents in the cloud
Create, open & edit Markdown document⚠️ (Limited access)
Create, open & edit Fountain document⚠️ (Pro Only)
Use Unsplash image service
Upload image to cloud
Add TeX Equation
Typewriter Scrolling
Edit YAML in Markdown
Publish to blog
Quick Print to PDF (For Markdown only)⚠️ (With watermark)
Print Fountain script to Screenplay⚠️ (Pro Only)
Print using Template to PDF
Export to .docx/.fdx⚠️ (.fdx Pro Only)
Import .md, .fountain, .fdx
Restore document in Version control
Live support⚠️ (Limited support)✅ (Priority support)
Payment OptionsFree with limited accessOne license per platform for Android, iOS, Mac. Lifetime payment. License is non-transferable.Unlock on all platforms i.e.Android, iOS, Mac & web. Monthly or Annual payment.

Updated on: 05/08/2022

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