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Storage Permission in Android 11

Due to the implementation of new files access permissions to protect user privacy on devices that run on Android 11 and higher, JotterPad Android will be making several changes to file access and storage.

Here are the 2 main changes that will be coming your way:
JotterPad local access is changing to a private app directory
External files will have to be imported into JotterPad

The changes will not affect below Android version 11.

How does it affect you?

Files will now be saved on a private directory
Uninstalling JotterPad will now delete these files from your device
Files from external directories have to be imported into JotterPad via Android systems
Will not affect those who use cloud storage

In accordance with the new files access permissions from Android 11 and higher
To protect your personal and private information from malicious third-party apps

More information about storage in Android 11 here.


Migration dialog in Android 11 & above

For Android 11 or higher, you will see the dialog. Tap Next.
Read the changes and ensure that you understand before you tap Next.
Tap Import > Allow to select the your previous working folder.
Choose your previous working folder. By default, it is "JotterPadX".
In the working folder, tap Use this folder > Allow.
The migration is successful! Tap Import if you wish to import other documents. If not, tap Next > Done.
You can tap + > Import if you wish to import other documents into JotterPad later.

Updated on: 17/12/2021

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