JotterPad recognises basic keyboard shortcuts.​
Keyboard shortcuts menu item is shown once an external keyboard is detected. Otherwise, No keyboard is shown in the overflow menu instead. ​
List of keyboard shortcuts : ​
Select all: Ctrl-a​
Bold: Ctrl-b​
Italic: Ctrl-i​
Cut: Ctrl-x​
Copy: Ctrl-c​
Paste: Ctrl-v​
Find Phrase: Ctrl-f​
Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-k​
View mode: Ctrl-m​
Night mode: Ctrl-n​
Statistic: Ctrl-o​
Research: Ctrl-r​
Save: Ctrl-s​
Typewriter: Ctrl-t​
Undo: Ctrl-z​
Redo: Ctrl-shift-z (for JotterPad 12) or Ctrl-y (for JotterPad 11)​
Tabulation: Ctrl-] or TAB​
Back to Home: Esc

List of keyboard shortcuts :​
Select all: Cmd+a​
Bold: Cmd+b​
Italic: Cmd+i​
Cut: Cmd+x​
Copy: Cmd+c​
Paste: Cmd+v​
Find & Replace: Cmd+f​
Insert/Edit Link: Cmd+k​
Create new entry: Cmd+n​
Save: Cmd+s​
Undo: Cmd+z​
Redo: Cmd+y ​
Print: Cmd+p​
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