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Create Mind Map in Markdown

A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information into a hierarchy, showing relationships among pieces of the whole. JotterPad uses Markmap to render mind map in Markdown files.

Create Mind map using Markmap

Mind map can be created using Markdown syntax in JotterPad's Markdown code block. To declare mind map in the code block to be rendered globally, use codeBlockRenderAs: markmap in the Markdown file's YAML.

To declare mind map to render on individual code block,
Type 3 backticks (```) at the start of the code followed by space or return key.
Press the </> button at the top right corner.
Choose markmap.
Add renderAs=markmap in metadata.

Supported Metadata:
ParameterTypePossible ValuesExample

Use , to add multiple parameters. E.g. renderAs=markmap, height=200.


# Business Plan

## Company Profile
- The **ultimate** *writing* ==app==
- Webpage: <>

## Product/Services
- Benefits
- Features
- Technology


Here are some examples of JotterPad Markdown templates using mind map:

Mind Map

For a more detailed guide on Markmap's mind map, please refer to the Markmap official page here.

Updated on: 21/09/2022

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