Synchronisation Status
Synchronisation status will appear at the top of the file directory. Here is the list of common synchronisation status:

Cloud service has never been synchronised before. Please also ensure proper internet connection.

Waiting for synchronisation to complete in another cloud account.

Last Sync
Synchronisation is complete. Shows the last synchronisation date and time.

Sync Error
Error occurred while cloud is synchronising. Recommended methods to resolve sync error:
Please try again. Ensure proper internet connection.
If the error persists, please move your text files to local storage. Re-link the cloud account.
If it still doesn't work, please send the log file to our technical team. The log file should be named something like this: sdcard/Android/data/com.jotterpad.x/files/log.txt

Initiate Sync Request
In the file directory, pull-to-refresh (or swipe-to-refresh) to automatically update the text files.

To open, create and edit documents in cloud storage, install the cloud service on your Mac directly from the service provider (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive) Then create or open a document in the cloud folder.
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